Health Care For A Better Ontario


The number one reason I am in this race is because of my concern for the enormous challenges our health care system is experiencing.  We all want and need good health care.

I don’t have all the answers. But I do know that the Doug Ford style of fiddling around the edges with the health administrators rather than addressing primary care is not the solution.

Right now, 800,000 Ontarians have no family doctor and yet we create significant barriers to experienced foreign trained physicians providing services in Ontario. 

We are 10 years away from a major crisis in Long Term Care where there will be insufficient beds and insufficient care workers.

Ontario, and the Liberal Party in particular, need a better relationship with our physicians so that we can work in harmony to provide solutions for healthcare in the 2020s.

Regional disparity in the availability of health care must be addressed.  The rural-urban divide in all aspects of health care from family physicians, to specialists, to mental health services and including access to long term care is unacceptable.

Health spending must keep pace with inflation.  Trying to do more with less is simply not an option.

Medical care for people with medical conditions, including autism, should be managed by the Ministry of Health and not treated as a social service.

© 2019 Authorized by the CFO for Brenda Hollingsworth, leadership contestant.