We’ve had decades of rhetoric about reforming education and it hasn’t worked. Doug Ford is taking a wrecking ball to an already flawed system and making it much worse. Ontario teachers, parents and students deserve better than this chaos.  


Elementary schools 

Need safe, calm learning environments that are properly staffed with teachers and education workers.


Secondary schools 

Need reasonable student-teacher ratios, access to programs that prepare students for Industry 4.0.  Strong STEM and arts programs will ensure Ontario’s students are the thought leaders of the future.  Increased experiential learning opportunities such as co-op programs and internships will better prepare students for the workplace and provide context for what they are learning.  While e-learning has a place in the 2020s, it should not be mandatory or replace the availability of live teaching in class.


Post-secondary institutions 

No Ontario student should be prevented from attending post-secondary on account of economic barriers.  Tuition support for financially disadvantaged students must be available and fair.  Higher tuition support and even stipends should be considered in fields where industry labour demands exceed the number of workers available. Many students want a university education, even if the job market leans toward the skilled trades.  Shaping our education programs so that they meet both student and industry needs is a priority.

© 2019 Authorized by the CFO for Brenda Hollingsworth, leadership contestant.