Climate Action For A Better Ontario


The failure to act on the scientific fact of climate change will be the legacy of Doug Ford’s single term government.


Moving backwards on climate change, not forwards.


Bulldozing windmills.

Tearing out EV chargers.


Cancelling incentives for the installation of green home products.

We knew it to be true.  In her 2019 report the Auditor General has declared it to be true.


By 2022, the need to act will be that much more urgent.  Our Better Ontario demands nothing less.  We must meet or exceed out climate targets.  We must review all government policies through a green lens.

We need to be honest with Ontarians About Climate Action

Acting on climate change has a cost right now.  We can’t pretend that it doesn’t.  But with that cost comes opportunity.  


What we need to show voters in a clear and respectful non-hysterical way is that by investing in climate action, we avoid even greater costs.


When we have floods and fires and tornadoes, costs are driven up.


When we have excessive rain and snow or excessive drought, groceries cost more.


When we have widespread Lyme and West Nile disease triggered because our climate now sustains those mosquito-borne illnesses, we have health care costs and of course the cost of human suffering.


Ontarians will respond to common sense explanations and concrete measurable action, action like significant investment in research and development in green technology and innovation.  Together, with a commitment to sustainable living we can drive the economy while fulfilling our climate responsibilities.

A Better Ontario Means Better Transit

As I travel across Ontario, the frustration of commuters, seniors and youth in the face of inefficient outdated transit if it exists at all is almost universal—especially outside the GTA.

Transit “deserts” exist throughout the province, even in areas of significant population.

A Better Ontario includes:

  • Funding for mass transit projects across the province, including the Hamilton LRT

  • Transit pricing that makes using transit attractive to discretionary users but that ensures potential growth and sustainability

  • Conversion to green energy propulsion on public transit

  • Development of rural transit networks connecting all parts of Ontario

  • Commitment to review current inter-community rail connections in the province

A Better Ontario Means Protection of our Water and Green Spaces

Ontario has breathtaking natural beauty that desperately needs our protection. 


With a strong focus on protecting our clean and safe water supply and our agricultural lands, we ensure Ontarians and future Ontarians are have access to life's necessities.

With a focus on protecting our wilderness and lakes, we protect our province's biodiversity.

A Better Ontario includes:

  • Commitment to the continued protection of the Greenbelt

  • Commitment to protect crop lands

  • Commitment to the protection of watersheds, Great Lakes and rivers

  • Renewed focus on the need to protect Ontario's endangered species

A Better Ontario Requires a Commitment to Reduce Single Use Plastics

Ontario has a landfill crisis.  Despite the promotion of recycling and composting, Ontario continues to send millions of tonnes of waste to its landfills every year.  This is simply not sustainable.

The Blue-box system (which was proudly made in Ontario) diverts less than 8% of landfill waste.  It's simply not enough.

A Better Ontario includes stronger measures to address the growing problem of disposable, non-biodegradable plastics.

A Better Ontario includes:

  • Together with the Federal Government, investing in technologies that turn plastic waste into resources

  • Investing in technology that replaces current plastic packaging and disposable products with sustainable alternatives.

  • a commitment to an ambitious ban of  single use plastics in Ontario



L’incapacité à agir sur le fait scientifique du changement climatique sera l’héritage du gouvernement à mandat unique de Doug Ford.


Revenir en arrière sur le changement climatique, pas en avant.


Moulins à vent au bulldozer.


Détacher les chargeurs EV.


Annulation des incitatifs pour l’installation de produits écologiques pour la maison.


Nous savions que c’était vrai. Dans son rapport de 2019, la vérificatrice générale a déclaré que c’était vrai.


D’ici 2022, la nécessité d’agir sera d’autant plus urgente.


Mais agir sur le changement climatique a un coût en ce moment. Nous ne pouvons pas prétendre que non.


Ce que nous devons montrer aux électeurs de manière claire et respectueuse et non hystérique, c’est qu’en investissant dans l’action climatique, nous évitons des coûts encore plus élevés.


Lorsque nous avons des inondations, des incendies et des tornades, les coûts augmentent.


Lorsque nous avons de la pluie et de la neige ou une sécheresse excessive, l’épicerie coûte plus cher.


Lorsque la maladie de Lyme et du Nil occidental est largement déclenchée parce que notre climat supporte désormais ces maladies transmises par les moustiques, nous avons des coûts

de soins de santé et bien sûr le coût de la souffrance humaine.


Et il y a pire à venir si nous n’agissons pas.


Les Ontariens répondront aux explications de bon sens et à des mesures concrètes et mesurables.


Les Ontariens exigeront que toutes les mesures prises par le gouvernement soient examinées à travers une lentille verte, et c’est ce qu’ils devraient faire.

© 2019 Authorized by the CFO for Brenda Hollingsworth, leadership contestant.