As a lifelong Liberal I have always been interested in politics, and good governance,  but I did not grow up believing I was going to be a politician.  

After I went to law school I worked as a lawyer in a large Bay Street firm where I represented big corporations that were usually fighting other big corporations over money. It became pretty clear to me very quickly that I wanted to advocate for real people facing real struggles.  So that’s what I did.  

In February 2005, my husband Richard Auger and I started our law firm where, overwhelmingly, our clients are regular Ontarians facing the types of struggles to which we can all relate.  

I have worked tirelessly to help sick and injured people navigate Ontario’s health care system, access disability benefits and secure their lost wages.  I have helped families seeking accommodations for their special needs children in Ontario’s school system. I have helped people facing human rights violations.  I have also helped people who have lost their jobs get proper severance.

At the same time, we were running a business.  Our law firm grew from just Richard and me, in a shared space, to one of the leading litigation boutiques in Eastern Ontario with 4 locations and many employees.  I know what it is like to manage change, hustle to meet payroll and rent, pay corporate taxes, find talent in a tight labour market, all while raising our two kids.

After almost 23 years as a lawyer and businesswoman I am not running for the Leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party because it’s been a long time dream.  I am running because I cannot sit back and watch as the province I love regresses under the ham-fisted mismanagement of Doug Ford.  I cannot be idle as the party that shares my values falters when it could flourish.  I am simply not willing to accept that the status quo in Ontario is the best we can do.

There are so many policy initiatives that we could pursue to build a stronger Ontario that is more prosperous and fair.  But, to be effective, a Leader and a government has to prioritize.  My Vision for Ontario has 5 key priorities to help Ontarians live their best lives.

Climate Action

Bold climate action delivers economic prosperity and a better future.

Education is an investment, not an expense.
Health and Well-Being
Our health care system is strained and our social services need updating.
Economic Innovation
Ontario is poised to be an economic powerhouse in the new economy.
Renewal of the Party

The message delivered in June 2018 was unequivocal.  The Party needs a new voice.

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